Our Mission




Acceleration of Business Landing to Okinawa

Okinawa is now in the limelight among entrepreneurs in the business world. For its proximity to fast-growing Asian markets, beautiful nature, tropical climate, and special tax treatment and subsidies local to the market, major global brands in the field of information technology, finance, and tourism have been tapping into the markets in Okinawa.

Nevertheless, it would be difficult to make a success in Okinawa by simply making use of the same business model and operational methods that your company has been using elsewhere; the markets in Okinawa have unique conditions in terms of commercial conventions and human resources, as well as its geographical location, therefore your company needs to have locally engineered strategies to fully exert your competencies in the market.






 Public Sectors taking pride in Attracting Enterprises to Okinawa

Attracting Enterprises to Okinawa has been a major project for national, prefectural, and municipal governments, as well as for other public sector organizations such as Okinawa Industrial Promotion and Jetro Okinawa. For this grand project, abundant budgets have been prepared and major developments in infrastructure, special tax treatments, and subsidies have been implemented.

Nevertheless, public sectors support of client companies’ business landing in Okinawa cannot be sufficient by itself; rather than keeping its focus on the benefits of client companies, public sector initiatives are supporting client companies for broader public purposes such as the “Empowerment of Local Economy” or “Creation of Local Employment Opportunities”.





Local Private Consulting Firm to support Business Landing for Clients’ Benefits

There are various risks in business landing to the markets in Okinawa. Risks vary according to individual cases; they could be easy to see ‘evident’ risks, however most of them are latent risks. As a local private consulting firm, we ensure to carefully locate these risks in advance and neutralize them with locally engineered knowledge, human networks, and operational methods. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals in the market in Okinawa.